Take your business development program to the next level with:

  • white papers that showcase your differentiation and thought leadership
  • case studies that present your success stories and highlight your satisfied customers
  • blogs that brand you as a thought leader

Think of all the written material your organization has posted or sent out: web content, blogs, proposals, case studies, brochures, fundraising letters, email messaging, and political material.

Were you happy with the response?

If not, maybe it’s because you were writing what you wanted to say rather than what the reader needed to hear.

We’re corporate storytellers. We’ll take the time to learn about your culture, products, issues, and customers so we can write credibly and persuasively on your behalf.

Contact Business Communication Support for customer-focused writing and editing services.

Three categories of collateral pave the way to a customer relationship. Do you use each one?


white papers,
blogs, speeches,
staff bios


case studies,
success stories


sell sheets,
email marketing

  • “Brian is our Word Man! He writes awesome copy for us and our social media clients in whatever style and format we need and never misses a deadline.”

    Luke Wyckoff, Chief Visionary Officer, Social Media Energy
  • “Brian is very good at asking astute questions that force us to clarify jargon so that he can produce technical but readable papers about our life-saving and life-enhancing products.”

    Jeffrey Chiesa, Senior Manager & Business Team Leader, AlloSource
  • “BCS did a great job of transforming complicated case studies into compelling stories that present the range of our public affairs communication services.”

    Bill Ray, Principal, WR Communications
  • “Since 2012, Business Communication Support has worked closely with members of our team on white papers and other tools to help us get the word out about our approach to effective college and career preparation for today’s students.”

    Wendy Loloff Piersee, CEO, Generation Schools Network


We’ll help you sell your products, services, and messages
with customer-focused writing and editing.


Every page will reflect your differentiating message and we’ll seamlessly incorporate keywords and phrases to support your SEO efforts.


Readers will be pulled in thanks to the right mix of substance and style. We’ll leave them with the clear impression that you are a leader in your field…without a blatant sales pitch.


We’ll present the right information as well as the right amount of information, making this an ideal introductory and leave-behind tool.


Your affirmation marketing will go beyond testimonial quotes and tell a story about how you solved a challenge for a customer. Potential customers will see themselves in similar situations with similar needs.


We’ll present your unique products and technology using appropriately detailed, technical content.


Your team bios will be consistently presented in whatever tone you choose—from corporate to casual.


We’ll work with the presenter’s natural speaking style and energy so the speech will feel natural and engage the audience, leaving a lasting impression.


Our messaging will complement the visual imagery and graphics to make an immediate impression on the reader.


We’ll make your most persuasive case using unique selling points (e.g., fiscal, legal, political, or emotional) that will resonate with the target audience.


We’ll make a compelling case about the value of your brand and future prospects for your company.



1. Collaborate


Provide us any and all information about your organization and your products and services. Then we’ll interview you and (with your permission) your staff and customers to fill in the gaps.




Writing customer-focused marketing content is a creative process. At its core, it’s based on envisioning the audience and anticipating their “hot buttons.” Then it’s a matter of working and reworking the words, the phrases, and the flow until it all falls into place. This creative process is the same whether for an informal blog or a technical white paper.




It doesn’t matter how good we think it is—the piece has to be right from your perspective. BCS will continue to revise the piece based on your feedback until it’s exactly right.

We offer several working arrangements


A negotiated flat fee for a well-defined project or set of projects.


A rate that covers work for a defined project or a designated period of time.


An arrangement that puts us at your disposal for any content creation and collaboration during that period.

If you want a more visual product— such as a website, brochure, video, marketing sell sheet, email piece, or PowerPoint presentation—we have relationships with the best designers, videographers, social media companies, SEO pros, and printers in the area. We can pull together a team suited to your specific project.


Brian Leugs

Brian has nearly 25 years of experience in public affairs and external communication.

A Michigan native, Brian earned a Master of Public Affairs Degree from the Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.

Throughout his career, he has been on the front lines in persuasive communication and public affairs in high profile industries, including consumer beverages and industrial chemicals. Previously based in Texas and Washington DC, Brian moved to the Denver area in 2002 to take on responsibilities in the pharmaceutical industry.

Brian formed Business Communication Support in 2009 to provide written communication expertise to businesses and non-profit organizations.

Writing customer-focused marketing content is a creative process. At its core, it’s based on envisioning the audience while writing and anticipating their “hot buttons.” Then it’s a matter of working and reworking the words, the phrases, and the flow until it all falls into place. This creative process is the same whether for an informal blog or a technical white paper.

Brian Leugs, Founder & Owner


Since 2009, we have had the privilege of serving these and many other companies and organizations.

Centennial, CO
Nextera Healthcare
Dacono, CO
Boyd Chiropractic Center
Castle Rock, CO
Optimal Health Chiropractic
Castle Rock, CO
Aspen Edge Consulting
Arvada, Colorado
Mesan Inc.
Parker, CO
Aurora, Colorado
Michael Ramos + Associates
Durham, NC
CEO Dentist
Highlands Ranch, CO
Pueblo, CO
Connolly Consultants
Broomfield, Colorado
Steven M. Bush, Attorney at Law
Littleton, CO
Execution Strategy Group
Denver, CO
The PC Whisperer
Castle Rock, CO
Aurora, CO
tw telecom
Littleton, CO
Haddon, Morgan and Foreman, P.C.
Denver, CO
WR Communication
Denver, CO
Katy Atkinson & Associates
Denver, CO
Wyckoff Consulting
Denver, CO
Louisiana Claims Administrators
Prairieville, LA
Amazing Moves Moving & Storage
Denver, CO
Louisville, CO
Future College Fund
Castle Rock, CO
San Isabel Services Propane
Pueblo, CO
Castle Rock, CO
Centennial, CO
Hep C Connection
Denver, CO
Arapahoe House
Denver, CO
National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association
Itasca, IL
Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce
Castle Rock, CO
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Washington, DC
Castle Rock Economic Development Council
Castle Rock, CO
Volunteers of America
Colorado – Denver, CO
Generation Schools Network
Denver, CO
Women in Government
Washington, DC
gopixel design studios
Castle Rock, CO
SHAKE Marketing
Denver, CO
Hill Aevium
Edwards, CO
Social Media Energy
Denver, CO
Inciting Marketing Solutions
Broomfield, Colorado
The Friedman Group
Denver, CO
Peak Creative
Denver, Colorado
  • “BCS prepared several white papers and case stories for us that had been on my to-do list for too long! He delivered some great stories that helped us demonstrate our areas of specialty and value.”

    Michael Ramos, Principal, Michael Ramos + Associates
  • “We have full confidence in Brian to meet with our customers and internal work groups to get the job done. He is a professional extension of our team.”

    Bob Meldrum, VP-Corporate Communications, tw telecom
  • “We rely on Brian to develop blogs, articles, and other marketing material to help us share our message that we have a unique approach to executing corporate strategies with our clients.”

    Steve Martinez, Chief Strategy Officer, Execution Specialists Group


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