Brian Leugs has nearly 25 years of experience in public affairs and external communication.

A Michigan native, Brian earned a Master of Public Affairs Degree from the Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.

Throughout his career, he’s been on the front lines in persuasive communication and public affairs in high profile industries, including consumer beverages and industrial chemicals. Previously based in Texas and Washington DC, Brian moved to the Denver area in 2002 to take on responsibilities in the pharmaceutical industry.

Brian formed Business Communication Support in 2009 to provide written communication expertise to businesses and non-profit organizations.

Brian and his wife relocated to the Tri-Cities region of Washington State in 2021 where he continues to serve his clients across the U.S.


“Brian is very good at asking astute questions that force us to clarify jargon so that he can produce technical but readable papers about our life-saving and life-enhancing products.”

Jeffrey Chiesa, Senior Manager & Business Team Leader, AlloSource

“BCS did a great job of transforming complicated case studies into compelling stories that present the range of our public affairs communication services.”

Bill Ray, Principal, WR Communications

“BCS prepared several white papers and case stories for us that had been on my to-do list for too long! He delivered some great stories that helped us demonstrate our areas of specialty and value.”

Michael Ramos, Principal, Michael Ramos + Associates

“Brian is tremendous and he supports several of the members of our marketing team with a variety of copywriting projects—including landing pages, blogs, case studies, and post-conference thought leadership reports. He’s incredibly thoughtful, responsive and consistently captures our voice and style.”

Tasha Johnson, Vice President, Graebel Relocation


Writing customer-focused marketing content is a creative process. At its core, it’s based on envisioning the audience while writing and anticipating their “hot buttons.” Then it’s a matter of working and reworking the words, the phrases, and the flow until it all falls into place. This creative process is the same whether for an informal blog or a technical white paper.

Brian Leugs, Founder & Owner