It’s a unique challenge to write for companies in their voice, to their customers, and with their unique message. We follow a rigorous exploration and collaboration process to make sure your branded content will resonate with your readers and have a persuasive impact.

1. Collaborate
Provide us any and all information about your organization and your products and services. Then we’ll interview you and (with your permission) your staff and customers to fill in the gaps.
2. Create
Writing customer-focused marketing content is a creative process. At its core, it’s based on envisioning the audience and anticipating their “hot buttons.” Then it’s a matter of working and reworking the words, the phrases, and the flow until it all falls into place. This creative process is the same whether for an informal blog or a technical white paper.
3. Review
It doesn’t matter how good we think it is—the piece has to be right from your perspective. BCS will continue to revise the piece based on your feedback until it’s exactly right.

Need full-service support?

If you want a more visual product—such as a website, brochure, video, marketing sell sheet, email piece, or PowerPoint presentation—we have relationships with the best designers, videographers, social media companies, SEO pros, and printers. We can pull together a team suited to your specific project.

We offer several working arrangements

A negotiated flat fee for a well-defined project or set of projects.

A rate that covers work for a defined project or a designated period of time.

An arrangement that puts us at your disposal for any content creation and collaboration during that period.

“Brian is our Word Man! He writes awesome copy for us and our social media clients in whatever style and format we need and never misses a deadline.”

Luke Wyckoff, Chief Visionary Officer, Social Media Energy

“Brian is tremendous and he supports several of the members of our marketing team with a variety of copywriting projects—including landing pages, blogs, case studies, and post-conference thought leadership reports. He’s incredibly thoughtful, responsive and consistently captures our voice and style.”

Tasha Johnson, Vice President, Graebel Relocation

“Since 2012, Business Communication Support has worked closely with members of our team on white papers and other tools to help us get the word out about our approach to effective college and career preparation for today’s students.”

Wendy Loloff Piersee, CEO, Generation Schools Network

If you’d like to discuss a project or learn more about our marketing copywriting services, please call us or submit your information on this form.

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